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  1. Overnight says:

    Growing up my family watched Billy Graham crusades on our black and white TV set. My Marine Corps father was energized and drawn to his messages more than anything else I had observed in him. My sister and I grew up with a great enthusiasm for the Rev Billy Graham as many others in my generation did. A decade later when I was home for the summer from college I was invited to go to the Base at Camp Pendleton ,where my father was stationed, to hear Billy Graham preach to the troops. It was with great excitement we sat on the bleachers in the hot, dusty horse arena along with about 50 young marines. We were all sweating in the heat but toughing it out, there was no shade there. Billy Graham drove up to the dirt parking lot and came up to the stage. He preached God”s love and salvation and gave an invitation to come forward to pray. Over half came forward. Those young men continued on to serve their country and possibly fall in battle. I”m thankful for this evangelist who took every opportunity to tell of Jesus. I believe many more were saved from the testimony of these young men. Praise Jesus!

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