7 Responses to “[Novel] これはゾンビですか? 第01-19巻 [Kore ha Zombie desuka? Vol 01-19]”

  1. fio says:

    All link has been died.

    • fio says:

      Nearly Half of Image in V1 get problem with scanning
      I can’t open any image in v18 and xhtml file in v19 is only display image

  2. rilgard says:

    Links seem to be all dead. If at all possible, could volumes 18 and 19 be reuploaded?

  3. Swishscroll says:

    Vol 18 and 19 only have images y used a mzip to descompress but only have the images

  4. mate says:

    v.17 links down

    • Raw Zip says:

      [Novel] これはゾンビですか? 第01-18巻 [Kore ha Zombie desuka? Vol 01-18] all links fixed already.

  5. mate says:

    v.18 only have the images

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