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12 Responses to “[Manga] 聲の形 第01-07巻 [Koe no Katachi Vol 01-07]”

  1. CarlosOtaku says:

    All links are broken, except Rapidgator

  2. Minezum says:

    All links except rapidgator are dead, fix it please and thank you

  3. frame says:

    uploaded link is dead

  4. Some user says:

    Uploaded, datafile and Faststore links are dead, reupload please.

  5. Suicide Squad - wow :D says:

    Please fix download links on Rapidgator, Uploaded, Datafile.
    Faststore still working. Thanks for raws guys. Thank you! [from Ukrainian scanlator.]

  6. armin says:

    please fix vol 5

  7. abcdefg says:

    1. what’s mean ‘_fixed’??

    2. name ‘vol 2~3’, ‘vol 3’ : what is difference of ‘vol 3 of vol 2~3’ & ‘vol 3’??


  8. abcdefg says:

    ‘Raw-Zip.Com-Koe_no_Katachi_v01’ : img28 – where?? – img29


  9. AW says:

    Half the pages are missing from v1 I think.

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